Our Platform

inTRAC is a digital transport hub for enterprises that digitalizes and brings transparency into the whole process. Reduction of costs and travel time by reducing the number of cabs and trips through our efficient route matching algorithm helps increase satisfaction of organisations and their employees.

Bussiness Goals

  • Cost optimization through reduction of cabs, distance, trips
  • End-to-End system driven transport process
  • Business engine configuration
  • Ideal user experience for admins, vendors, drivers and employees


  • Vehicle tracking
  • Escort assignment
  • Command center dashboard
  • Real time alerts and notification
  • Configuration of geofences
  • Employee authentication

Flexibility and user experience

  • Web portal for admin and vendors
  • Driver app and Employee app
  • Insightful analytics, accounts, report generation
  • Completely paperless and transparent transport process

Our Product

inTRAC provides Web-based portal,android and iOS application to configure, control and monitor the whole transport process.

Employee App

Employee App

    Real time Ride request

    Locate Cab feature

    Driver arrival alerts

    Reduced Employee travel time

Driver App

Driver App

    View allocated trip and ETA

    Convenient onboarding, drop process

    Optimal navigation

    No show reporting

Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal

    Maintain cab and driver details

    Controlled deployment of cabs and drivers

    Invoice generation

    Fulfilment of trips based on inventory

Transport Admin Portal

Transport Admin Portal

    Dynamic routing of trips

    Automated Ride request validation

    Tracking of Trips

    Vendor Management


Ride Request

Ability to accept ride request dynamically


Optimized routes based on roster and ride requests. Automatic allocation of cabs, drivers based on inventory to optimized routes


Real-time tracking of cabs by admin, vendor and employees with enhanced safety features


Real time reports on cost improvement, cab utilization and employee travel time

Data Maintenance

Ability for vendors to maintain Cab insurance, FC details, DL. Admins can maintain employee database for eligibility of cab usage

Web and Mobile Application.

Configuration of escort assignment, common pick-up/drop, etc based on company policies

Case Study

Our Dynamic Route matching Algorithm produce the below optimized results for the Company located in two locations. It brings down the cost spent to nearly 33% by reducing number of trips taken each day.

Before Optimization

Number of Cab Trips 98
Cost spent Rs:41,610

After Optimization

Number of Cab Trips 64
Cost spent Rs:27,894

Custom Image

Trip Reduced per day: 32

Custom Image

Cost Saved per day :13,706